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Apr 5

Well Hello!

I logged on today to find out that I’ve broken 100 followers and then some! Thanks for all you new followers and welcome. I’ve gathered together what I think are a few of my best posts, so enjoy and hold on for even more, now that the season has finally started again!

My favorite gif, featuring The Pitcher Formerly Known as Fausto Carmona

A guide on when to chant “Yoooouuuk” (use it well, Yankees fans)

My thoughts on the romanticism of baseball

The best game I’ve ever been to

A.J. Pierzynski vs. the Cubs

The Adam Dunn highlight of 2011— featuring The Fourth of July Balk-Off 

14. Best web gem you have seen

Since I’m not sure if this means in person or just ever, I’ll do both.

The best defensive play I’ve ever seen was, as you can see in the video above, Buehrle’s ridiculous off-the-foot-between-the-legs-somersault play on Opening Day a couple of years ago. I remember watching it with my dad and just going nuts. That was such a good game (it helped that the Sox won by something like 8-0). It’s always a good feeling to have a player on your favorite team do something that’s talked about all season long (in a positive way!). I doubt I’ll ever see another play like this.

As far as the best play I’ve ever seen in person, that was a little tougher to think of. I’ve been to a lot of games, but for some reason, not a lot of them have had outstanding defensive plays that have stuck in my mind. Except for when Mike Trout came to town with the Angels this last August and did this. Funnily enough, that was the second time Beckham was robbed of a home run by an Angels outfielder— Vernon Wells did it to him earlier in the season.

I’d also like to use this space to remember the idiot who threw back a Mike Trout home run ball during that series at the Cell. What. An. Asshat. Give it to a little kid, moron. Or keep it, because it’s Mike Trout.


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Now THIS is the definition of adding insult to injury: the Pirates are no-hit, clinching yet another losing season.

Congrats, Homer.

Fun Baseball-Reference Fact of the Day

Earl Webb didn’t have an outstanding Major League career; he played for five different teams over seven years and only played about two full seasons. However, in 1931, he became the all-time single-season doubles leader with 67. He had never hit more than 30 before and never would again.

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Let the wild rumpus start.

Let the wild rumpus start.

Fun Baseball-Reference Fact of the Day

I don’t have a lot to say about Dick Phelan other than LOOK AT HIS MUSTACHE. LOOK AT IT.

He may have played in only 107 games in his career, and he may have been worth -1.8 bWAR, but he deserves a Mustache MVP.

Also, b-r has him hitting three home runs in 1884, but not having any RBI. I’m sure this has something to do with incomplete stats being available from that time period but we know he has at least three, right?

But let’s get back to what’s important.

Photo of Dick Phelan

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Aug 8

An Interview with Mike Veeck

Here’s part 2.

Aug 2

The Batting Stance of John B. Wockenfuss

How to use “Wockenfuss” in conversation:


"Man, that baby is making such a Wockenfuss."

"Mom! Stop Wockenfussing over my makeup, my prom date will be here Wockensoon!"

"They caused such a Wockenfuss, the Wockenfuss Wockenfuss Wockenfuss. Wockenfuss."

Aug 1

Also, in case you missed it, I now have a twitter account! Follow “@WinterNBaseball" for periodic updates about nothing you didn’t already know, and probably lots of complaining.

So my trip up to Miller Park was a good choice. I was rooting for the Nationals, and although they lost, it was still a really fun game. Fiers was outstanding for the Brewers, and I love me a good pitching performance, so I was happy (a four-hit shutout! neat). Also, I found out that when Jonathan Lucroy is up to bat, fans chant “Luuuuuuuc” (pronounced “Luke”). For a brief instant before I figured it out, I thought I was going to have to add another line to my “Normality of the ‘Yooouuuk’ Chant” post.

We watched Nationals batting practice and I’m honestly a little bit surprised that Michael Morse didn’t break the Jumbotron with some of the balls he hit. The crowd “ooh”-ed and “aah”-ed almost every time he made contact. It was very impressive— one ball landed beyond the left-center-field seats. That’s some crazy power. Bryce Harper was also pretty impressive (just repeat to yourself— a nineteen-year-old in the major leagues is hitting balls 415 feet).

Also, I had this brisket sandwich and it may have been the best thing I’ve ever eaten. And we had front row seats in the upper deck. Not bad for walk-ups. 

Anyway, I’ve been to Miller once before, but it was the year before I started paying attention to baseball so I didn’t appreciate it. This time, I did. What a stadium! It’s like a cathedral. I love it.

Some of the pictures are kind of blurry and not very awesome, sorry— this may or may not be because I just discovered the “panorama” option on my phone and enjoyed using it a little too much.

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